Dr. James Denninghoff Answers YOUR Allergy Questions

Repetitive Exposure to Foods May Trigger AllergiesRepetitive Exposure to Foods May Trigger Allergies

Ye Olde Menu: Dormouse, Anyone?

By Alina Dizik for the Wall Street Journal

Had enough bacon ice cream and Korean barbecue? The next food trend-in-the-making may be for you—Ye Olde Recipe.

Chefs are raiding ancient Roman texts, Renaissance manuscripts and 19th-century American cookbooks in search of authentic old recipes with which to tempt jaded foodies. Many of the recipes call for unfamiliar—and somewhat unappetizing—ingredients like songbirds, veal brains, the ancient herb hyssop and “preboggin” (pray-bo-ZHAWN), a fancy name for wild greens, also known as “weeds.” (Read full article on WSJ.com)


Dr. Denninghoff’s Commentary:

Most of us eat much of the same foods day in and day out. “Repetitive exposure” is the mechanism underlying most allergies, including foods and airborne allergies.


Keep a food journal and be creative in your food choices. There is a lot of variety in the world of foods, be creative. Look for whole foods as opposed to processed.


Why is this Important?:

A variety of foods, beyond dairy, wheat, corn and egg products may lessen the tendency to food allergy or intolerance. Be creative in your food choices.

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